Wild Thang

It’s always so interesting before we have a shoot . Because I do film and tv acting , I never know if a audition will pop up , and with vancouvers volatile weather , I never know what to do at times , as it can change on the drop of a hat . That and also changing in public can be trying and daring at times . I had a call for a audition that required me to do a dance piece . Well , what better to wear than the catsuit I designed . Finding what to layer over took some gathering as I was in a mood to work with what I had on . And believe me , I’m not one for daytime Lycra cat suits . So I decided to make it more my so called style . I layered a t shirt over the cat suit and a hoodie , mixed in with a vintage leopard hoodie . Oh and holts boots that are way too old that I can’t seem to rid of . When o got to the audition I was asked to perform wild thang on the spot in my cat suit . It took some deep breathing and letting go , to have fun and realize that if I don’t let go , well my performance would show the nerves that were underneath , seeing as I’m not a professional dancer , though at times my ego questions that when I’m alone and just dance my tail off . It’s that letting go in life and not caring . Getting in touch with our animal instincts and playing . Like when we were children , without judgement . It was such a fun day . When we shot I felt so free as I had already auditioned and now when we went to shoot I had that playfulness and energy in my expressions . I’ve learned in life , it’s a blessing to express ourselves and to also face our nerves and insecurities , face on . Because when we do , we open new doors to our spirits and character . And it shows , in other art forms as well . Well I guess I’m out of my cage , forever , as I face my daily fears and learn how blessed I am to do what I do .

2-camillia-mahal-shot-by-savannah-rose-march-4th- 3-camillia-mahal-shot-by-savannah-rose-march-4th- 4-camillia-mahal-shot-by-savannah-rose-march-4th- 5-camillia-mahal-shot-by-savannah-rose-march-4th- 6-camillia-mahal-shot-by-savannah-rose-march-4th- 7-camillia-mahal-shot-by-savannah-rose-march-4th-

Catsuit- designed by moi
Boots-Stuart weitzman
Sunglasses -Fendi
Leopard hoodie – Burgus Angels on main
T shirt – Wilfred Aritizia

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  • Hi Camillia, Did I just meet you today at Terra (Public Market) in Bellingham today? You mentioned super foods and digestible diet? If you’re the same person, you gave me your e-mail address, and the slip of paper fell from my backpack.

    Patricia wholemusicexp at gmail com

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