How Many Colors Can You See?

Color’s have always fascinated me. From the vibrant hues that pierce my eyes, to the mellow tones that dim my thoughts. Maybe it’s because I’m always chasing the rainbow. When I was in Jaipur, I found this overcoat , the colors and texture , took me away to another world. And how could I not […]

The Colour Orange

We went in and out of the stalls , looking at everything , and searching for everything in between. I descended off of my camel and pulled my unicorn necklace out and kissed him on the nose. I don’t think he enjoyed that quite so, for he left a light dribble of spit upon my […]

Angry Angry Cats

  I happen to be one of those people who dresses for their emotions . Do you ever have those days? Where you just don’t feel like talking, but you know that others will want to , but you just kindly want to wear your heart on your sleeve ? That’s my angry cats for […]

Fringe Benefits

I recently went to Ohio to see Bob Dylan. Might I add that a man that can perform at that degree and at that age , is art in itself. Ohio had something about it , that was a surprise. From all the old heritage buildings to the unique and one off shops, I was […]