Where are we going? Ohio

       I never thought I would go to Ohio. I just kept thinking to myself I must go see, the wizard, the lovely wizard of oz. I don’t know why I associated the two . Maybe I picture the rolling farms and the tornadoes that swirl and take you away . It was […]

Getting Away, Even If It’s Not Far.

              Life seems to come, just as quick as it goes. I often wonder and lust about getting away ,and at times I can’t due to work or just life in itself. But I have found a little secret of how to get away even when I can’t. My […]

My India

  My father lives in India and ever since my first trip a decade and a half ago, I knew my paws had been there many times. The diversity and the dynamics, are like no other place visible to ones eye. The vibrant sarees that line the streets, to the dogs that show all bones […]