Leopard For Life

Sneak Peak : Graffiti Queen

Graffiti Queen Photographed By : Savannah Rose

Missing Me

I looked for your everywhere . I even waited at the same spot. The waves and the water seemed to speak a story, telling me something , maybe ,when I would hear of your where about’s. My toes melted into the sand, making an imprint and mould ,to show you where I am. My heart […]

Where are we going? Ohio

       I never thought I would go to Ohio. I just kept thinking to myself I must go see, the wizard, the lovely wizard of oz. I don’t know why I associated the two . Maybe I picture the rolling farms and the tornadoes that swirl and take you away . It was […]


“I always saw what others could not see”                                                                        –  Salvador Dali Ever since I was a little girl I loved to play outside of the box. I wanted to know what could be found and expressed, if I let my senses go and could just be in the moment. My […]

Whimsical Whites

  Oh me ? well I just can’t get out of my nightie. No one would know it’s my nightie. The one my mother bought me years ago for $8. 00 at value village, and I love it. I feel as though I am in a Grecian state of being and floating  to an angelic realm. […]