Lost Files – Missing Summer

Grey Scale

Photography By : Savannah Rose T shirt : Aritizia Cape Burcus Angels Sweater – lord and Taylor Knee High Boots: Sam Edelman Crystals – My Designs Dragon ring – street vendor in Bangalore

Sneak Peak : Graffiti Queen

Graffiti Queen Photographed By : Savannah Rose

Black Mass : Photos By Jean Cabral

  Photographed By : Jean Cabral

Missing Me

I looked for your everywhere . I even waited at the same spot. The waves and the water seemed to speak a story, telling me something , maybe ,when I would hear of your where about’s. My toes melted into the sand, making an imprint and mould ,to show you where I am. My heart […]

The Colour Orange

We went in and out of the stalls , looking at everything , and searching for everything in between. I descended off of my camel and pulled my unicorn necklace out and kissed him on the nose. I don’t think he enjoyed that quite so, for he left a light dribble of spit upon my […]