Lost Files – Missing Summer

Centro de Brazil

The last few days have blown me away . I don’t know if it’s my new long lost friend or the things my eye see. It could be what my heart feels . We walked all around the city . I started at 7 am and finished at 4 , even then I cannot put […]

Sao Paulo Feels

Lately I have been spending a lot of time on foot , bike , or metro as they call it here in São Paulo . Considering the city is one of the largest in the world and also has the reputation as being the most deadly , it exceed Colombia . Which I have also […]

Brazil Baby!

It’s been fifteen years since I’ve visited Brazil . I was 17 then , life has changed . I don’t know if it’s me , my age , the things I have endured or the way that I see life . I can’t stop eating my favourite meal of rice and beans and acai . […]

Where are we going? Ohio

       I never thought I would go to Ohio. I just kept thinking to myself I must go see, the wizard, the lovely wizard of oz. I don’t know why I associated the two . Maybe I picture the rolling farms and the tornadoes that swirl and take you away . It was […]

Getting Away, Even If It’s Not Far.

              Life seems to come, just as quick as it goes. I often wonder and lust about getting away ,and at times I can’t due to work or just life in itself. But I have found a little secret of how to get away even when I can’t. My […]