Wild Thang

It’s always so interesting before we have a shoot . Because I do film and tv acting , I never know if a audition will pop up , and with vancouvers volatile weather , I never know what to do at times , as it can change on the drop of a hat . That […]

My Favorite Organic Skincare Lines

Skin . Everyone is searching for the best product that gets most for the skin and body , but a lot of the time we don’t even know what we are putting in or what that chemical really is , unless we google it . Which most don’t . Since I lead a very clean […]

Centro de Brazil

The last few days have blown me away . I don’t know if it’s my new long lost friend or the things my eye see. It could be what my heart feels . We walked all around the city . I started at 7 am and finished at 4 , even then I cannot put […]

Brazil Baby!

It’s been fifteen years since I’ve visited Brazil . I was 17 then , life has changed . I don’t know if it’s me , my age , the things I have endured or the way that I see life . I can’t stop eating my favourite meal of rice and beans and acai . […]

Animal Feels

It was creeping into a dark fall  evening,and Savannah and I were planning to shoot. We never know how things will go, or what we will see. It seems like every time we shoot, we have the most random experiences. From shooting on the beach and strippers setting up a photo shoot, to encounters that […]

Detox Of My Mind , Body & Spirit

               My detox for the last 14 days. I’ve always had a body that I thought could do anything. I’m a shape shifter, I form and change into many things and many ways.  I have a belief that when one holds or suppress things from their childhood or hold onto resentments that over time, it […]