Wild Thang

It’s always so interesting before we have a shoot . Because I do film and tv acting , I never know if a audition will pop up , and with vancouvers volatile weather , I never know what to do at times , as it can change on the drop of a hat . That […]

Miss Mickey

Knock , knock , again I will knock . I am starting to huff and puff, for your making me wait. And you never make me wait . Oh, Mr. Mouse are you there ? Hello ? Is anyone there ? Mickey ? Mickey Mouse ? OOOPPPPPSSSSSS ,I’m here? Are you here ? Ok Mickey […]

The Colour Orange

We went in and out of the stalls , looking at everything , and searching for everything in between. I descended off of my camel and pulled my unicorn necklace out and kissed him on the nose. I don’t think he enjoyed that quite so, for he left a light dribble of spit upon my […]

My Many Faces

How many faces is it that I see ? No two moments are ever alike At times I wonder if I like what I see or is it just my maya talking These illusions and desires that create imaginative things that swirl up and down like a wrap around never-ending staircase Taking me from one […]

Angry Angry Cats

  I happen to be one of those people who dresses for their emotions . Do you ever have those days? Where you just don’t feel like talking, but you know that others will want to , but you just kindly want to wear your heart on your sleeve ? That’s my angry cats for […]

Fringe Benefits

I recently went to Ohio to see Bob Dylan. Might I add that a man that can perform at that degree and at that age , is art in itself. Ohio had something about it , that was a surprise. From all the old heritage buildings to the unique and one off shops, I was […]