Let’s Have A Tea Party

                        Please , please ,come you have been cordially invited to the most magnificent , scrumptious, most wonderful of wonderful tea parties. Now , not many will be invited except for , well let me open up your invitation, oh well it says ahhhhmmmmmm […]

Missing Me

I looked for your everywhere . I even waited at the same spot. The waves and the water seemed to speak a story, telling me something , maybe ,when I would hear of your where about’s. My toes melted into the sand, making an imprint and mould ,to show you where I am. My heart […]

Full Moon

There’s a story about the full moon Did you know there’s a tale about the princess and the moon. Her name was Sunita . One night, she and her grandfather sat upon the terrace together underneath the beaming moon. It was said that a messenger came to her, and said there was a message, from […]

Silver Skyline

  I told you, I’m a dreamer. I designed and created this dress in my dream. Then I made it, in┬ámy waking dream . Where I was going , I knew, but what would happened , was unknown . The mystery and the magic seemed to watch me as I walked by . What started […]