Fall Cape

  Fall Cape : Burges On Main Dress : Vintage / Value Village Boots : Calvin Klein / Nordstrom All Photos By Savannah Rose

Victorian Vibes

    Victorian Vibes All Photos By Savannah Rose

Beaded Bliss

Beaded Bliss Top : Vintage Store on Main Skirt : Value Village Shoes : Anklets : Rajasthan Jewelry Shop All Photos By Savannah Rose I’m always peering everywhere I go ,looking to see what can come next, and what I’m going to do. Every day is make believe , dress up or play. Today I […]

Detox Of My Mind , Body & Spirit

               My detox for the last 14 days. I’ve always had a body that I thought could do anything. I’m a shape shifter, I form and change into many things and many ways.  I have a belief that when one holds or suppress things from their childhood or hold onto resentments that over time, it […]

How Many Colors Can You See?

Color’s have always fascinated me. From the vibrant hues that pierce my eyes, to the mellow tones that dim my thoughts. Maybe it’s because I’m always chasing the rainbow. When I was in Jaipur, I found this overcoat , the colors and texture , took me away to another world. And how could I not […]

Colorful Sneak Peak

            All Photos by Savannah Rose