All Inspiration & Motivation

There is a saying ” All Inspiration, No Motivation” but we are the complete opposite of that. Everyday I am inspired by someone or something. Seeing the way how light hits a building or a skull on someone T-shirt will spark something in me that I must create. I would say most of the inspiration […]

Behind The Scenes : Silver Skylines

We met as the sun was setting and the threat of a storm was turning the usual golden hour sky into a crazy rainbow of colours. You can imagine my delight to have this as the backdrop for what I hoped to be a completely different type of shoot than anything I had done before!  The […]

Silver Skyline

  I told you, I’m a dreamer. I designed and created this dress in my dream. Then I made it, in my waking dream . Where I was going , I knew, but what would happened , was unknown . The mystery and the magic seemed to watch me as I walked by . What started […]

Whimsical Whites

  Oh me ? well I just can’t get out of my nightie. No one would know it’s my nightie. The one my mother bought me years ago for $8. 00 at value village, and I love it. I feel as though I am in a Grecian state of being and floating  to an angelic realm. […]

Every Exit Is An Entry Somewhere Else

I love to dress for my feelings. To share my expression, of what I see, what I think, what I can do and what I can create. Every exit is an entry somewhere else , that’s what the garage said as I drove by. I had to stop. When I want to express myself and be something […]